Sylvin Develops DOP/DEHP Free FDA Vinyl Compounds

Growing demand for DOP/DEHP free vinyl results in Sylvin 2920 series



DENVER, PA, October 1, 2008 --Sylvin Technologies Inc., a custom vinyl compound manufacturer has introduced to the market a series of vinyl compounds designed for use in FDA applications requiring DOP/DEHP free products.  Sylvin’s 2920 vinyl compound series is available in a hardness range from 55 to 95 Shore A.  The 2920 series is specifically formulated to incorporate only ingredients that are sanctioned for use by the FDA and complies with California AB #1108.    


The Sylvin 2920 series comes in clear and can be custom colored to meet exact customer color preferences.  Suitable for injection molding and extrusion processing, these new compounds are suitable for application such as tubing, toys, food processing belting and household appliances.  The 2920 series is available in quantities as low as 50 pounds and up to truckload quantities.


About Sylvin Technologies, Inc.

Celebrating more than 30 years of meeting and exceeding customer’s expectations, Sylvin Technologies is a leading manufacturer of flexible to semi-rigid vinyl and vinyl alloy compounds. Sylvin offers a full line of standard and custom formulations for a variety of markets such as wire and cable, automotive, industrial, toys and building products.


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